Introducing Hybrid Training

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Inspired by Mountainbiking and Motocross. Made for everyone.

The ProPilot® is made by riders for riders to end that „Spaghetti Arm Thing“. These moments when you need to stop and rest, when you hit a compression that really compresses you. These injuries due to a lack of fitness. We want you to get get over that. Add a short ProPilot® Session to your everyday morning routine and feel a result within a 3 weeks. The Special shape offers 3 differen positions of instability, it works for anyone regardless their fitness level.

Level one means relatively stable PushUps on a handlebar. We recommend our foam covered Multigrip bar for multiple hand positions.
Level two creates a side to side instability that will feel like balancing on a bike, leaning into a turn…you will see.
Level three finally gets all your deep muscles activated to balance yourself on a single pivot point. 360° instability will activate your whole body from the wrists to the core and legs.

This is when you can attach your smartphone to the ProPilot® and run our free App. Learn how it works in under a minute.

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