When will i receive my order?

Your ProPilot and ProPilot GYM-EDITION will be prepared for shipment in mid-November, depending on the time of your order, and shipped to you. Due to the large number of pre-orders, we currently expect delivery from the third week of November.

Your ProPilot in the MOTO EDITION and CHROMIUM EDITION is expected to be shipped to you from mid-December. Again, we will process the pre-order by order of arrival. Our goal is to get all the products under the Christmas tree on time.

When will the App be available?

The app for iOS is available in a beta version (not the full range of functions) in the App Store for free download. The Android version will also be available in the Play Store in November.

We will unlock the other features via updates in the coming weeks. Our goal is to make the app fully functional by Christmas 2018.

How long takes shipping?

Since we produce, assemble and pack in Germany, the shipping also takes place from Germany. We assume a delivery time of 1-3 working days, availability provided.

What sort of handlebars work with the ProPilot?

During product development over the past two years, we have tried a variety of handlebars. The higher the rise or upsweep, the more unstable and difficult the training becomes. The ProPilot includes a clamping system that can accommodate handlebars with a diameter of 31.8mm and 35mm. Basically you can pinch any handlebar here, whether aluminum or carbon. It should be noted, however, that the clamping area should not be polished. However, this was the case only with pattern drivers. There are also clamps for 25,4mm diameter, these can be ordered separately in the shop.

We look forward to sharing all your experiences with everyone else. Thanks so much!

How do I assemblel and adjust the ProPilot?

Each ProPilot comes with a small Owners Manual. Should it be missing or lost during an adjustment, you can also find it under this link: ProPilot Ownrs Manual

There both installation and adjustment are explained. If something is incomprehensible, write us!

Concerning. the handlebar assembly, the different handlebars have sometimes large tolerances. We have designed our clamps universally suitable. However, the introduction of the handlebar is a bit difficult to go by the hand. Here's a trick we explain in a YouTube video:

As always, constructive feedback is welcome!

How do I mount my smartphone?

The small round black chip with PRAEP imprint included in the box is a self-adhesive metal plate. You either stick this on the back of your smartphone or you put it in the protective case. Thanks to the integrated magnet in the ProPilot on the flat surface, you can now attach your smartphone to the ProPilot. Attention: You can only use this function in Pro mode.

The App does not start.

To access the app menu, just touch the screen once. Also in other functions, for example, to start the PUMP mode, it is sufficient to touch the screen once briefly, then it moves to the next step.

The App does not count my reps.

Please make sure that the app accesses the proximity sensor of your smartphone. This only triggers if you are very close to the smartphone. We have taken advantage of this to help you perform the exercises correctly. Pushups are most effective when you go deep and far down. It’s best to be very close to the smartphone with your chest or chin or nose before you push yourself back up. Only then is it a “proper” pushups and the app also triggers. It’s best to try it with your hand, then you’ll see exactly how far you have to approach. Have lots of fun with it!

My handlebar is not clamped properly.

Here it is important to pay attention, if it is a separate handlebar, that this is roughened in the terminal area and fat-free and clean. So no glue residue or impurities has. Furthermore, please make sure that you tighten both screws of the clamp. Here a maximum torque of 7NM is sufficient. If the handlebar is still not firmly clamped, it is unfortunately not suitable for the ProPilot. If it is an original PRAEP handlebar, then please contact us at Thanks.

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