That Helmet...

That Helmet...

When we first met Dakotah there was not even the idea of Praep nor the ProPilot on our mind. A youngster winning at Crankworkx and some germans helping him and his former sponsor getting along in Europe: Sleeping in our office, building bikes on practice day, losing bikeracks in France...good memories. Still remember Dak asking: "Why does Aaron (Gwin) have such an amazing pit ..."

Well, 3 Seasons after that Dakotah joined the YT Mob and has just the same amazing pit and crew behind him now. He earned his turns in the racing scene and developed into the most humble and stylish rider on the circuit. In the meanwhile the germany created a new brand and product for the biking world and gainined some awareness from point zero. And after 2 years we are beyond stoked to be able to have Dakotah wearing our first ever Praep Helmet in the 2021 Season. Those little circles in life...

Dakotah Norton Praep Helmet

Let's go for the single digit number plates bro!

Dakotah Norton Praep Helmet


5 Kommentare

  • Benny Koob

    this helmet is awesome🏁 it is perfekt for Christmas present 😜

  • Andre H
    I want that Helmet!!!!!!

  • Albert Gomez


  • Fred Sanchez
    That looks rad!!

  • Jake Schukz

    Making america fast again!

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